Natural Environment

Vilar Milestone

This stone element is a milestone. It was placed at this point around the 2nd century AD. C. as [...]


A Feixa Waterfall

Redondela has one of the most beautiful corners in the entire municipality. In 2014 the place was valued, signposted [...]


San Simón Island

The San Simón archipelago is made up of four islands dedicated to four saints: San Bartolomé, San Norberto, San [...]


Cesantes Beach

Redondela has 15 kilometers of coastline. In them there are several beaches, such as Arealonga (Chapela) or Rande (Cedeira). [...]


Monte Penide

Monte Penide, also known as Monte Mirallo, houses important archaeological sites representative of no less than 4,000 years of [...]


A Portela Walk

This wooden ride runs along the mouth of the Alvedosa River, after crossing the entire town center of Redondela [...]

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