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78 Gastrobar

Restaurant that brings haute cuisine to the general public. Menu of the day, signature tapas at affordable prices, wines, [...]


One of the main attractions of Antolín is being able to enjoy the famous and excellent Galician gastronomy. Our specialty [...]

Bahía de Chapela

A space with impressive views of the Vigo estuary, with the Cíes Islands in the background. Family restaurant, with [...]

Café Bar Torres

Café-bar located on the route of the Camiño Portugués to Santiago, in front of the heritage element of the [...]

Café Rodeo

Cafetería Rodeo is a dream and privileged place for any time of the day. A spacious and welcoming establishment. [...]

Lemos Restaurant

We have a long family tradition, treasuring more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant sector. We stand [...]

Tía Estébana

Located in the historic center of Redondela, on the same road as the Camino de Santiago, Tía Estébana is a [...]

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