Casa da Alfóndega

Located next to the Casa da Torre (current hostel for pilgrims), we find the Casa da Alfóndega. It is [...]

Casa da Torre

This historic building known as Casa da Torre (Tower House), which today is the public hostel, stands out for [...]

Fishing Village

The network of streets and squares of the old town responds to the primitive medieval planimetry. On one side was [...]

Lectuary of A Pantalla

This lectuary, located in the Coto neighborhood (parish of Cesantes, Redondela), dates from the end of the 18th century and [...]

Meirande Museum

The Ría de Vigo jealously guards great secrets, innumerable riches and treasures, the result of various battles between fleets [...]

Monte Penide

Monte Penide, also known as Monte Mirallo, houses important archaeological sites representative of no less than 4,000 years of [...]

Petán Manor House

The Petán Manor House (Pazo de Petán), or Santa Teresa Manor House, is a construction dating from the mid-17th century, [...]

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