The Portuguese Way to Santiago is one of the most traveled. There are different historical routes that start in Portugal, having in common that they all converge in Redondela.

Through the so-called Interior Way, pilgrims access Redondela through the parish of Vilar de Infesta. As soon as you enter this place you can see a milestone, a vestige of the old Roman road, where many popular legends still survive, among which the custom of crossing oneself when passing in front of it serves as an example. Then you will cross the Chan das Pipas plateau, where the road enters a thick wooded area that gives the impression of walking through a magical forest.

The entrance to the urban area of Redondela is through the N-550, passing through the parish of Saxamonde, and then next to the Vilavella convent. Once in the town, the road runs along Pai Crespo street, which is part of the historic center and where you can see the Pazo de Petán. At the end of the street is the Praza da Farola and, from there, you can access the Pilgrim’s Hostel located in the historic Casa da Torre (Tower House).

After leaving the hostel we enter the old walled nucleus. We ascend next to the Praza da Herba and we find the church of Santiago, which is located at the highest point. If we continue along these streets of bourgeois architecture we will arrive at the neighborhood of Esfarrapada, which constitutes the space of the old seafaring society, perceptible in the houses and place names of the area (Fumeiros, Campo das Redes…).

redondela pontevedra rias baixas turismo tourism convento vilavella convent
redondela pontevedra rias baixas turismo tourism casa da torre The house of the tower
redondela pontevedra rias baixas turismo tourism Villa Marinera Casco Viejo Vello
redondela pontevedra rias baixas turismo tourism iglesia igrexa church

Leaving the urban center behind, we enter the coastal parish of Cesantes, which borders the Ría de Vigo through the beaches and the mysterious San Simón Island. As we continue, already through the Viso, we will contemplate the shelter of nature that accompanies everyone on this route.

On the other hand, along the Camino da Costa, we will enter through the parish of Chapela, with an urban profile and which was formed facing the sea and the industrialization of the area. The best attraction is the maritime landscape. Continue through Cedeira, drink water and calm down at the Fonte da Reina, in a heritage complex of special quality and showiness, are the previous steps to enter the Redondela center. And here continue with the Inner Path.

Redondela has a wide range of hostels to accommodate all the people who come here. The gastronomy, the cultural offer, the traditions and popular festivals are a reason to take advantage of an afternoon-night of well-deserved rest.

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redondela pontevedra rias baixas turismo tourism Isla san simon island illa
redondela pontevedra rias baixas turismo tourism choco redondela gastronomia
redondela pontevedra rias baixas turismo tourism coca corpus cristi christi

The Portuguese Way is the second most traveled, and Redondela is the place where the two variants meet.

In Redondela you will find the doors open, because this town, these people, want to share with you all their wealth.

Be welcome!