The Senda da Auga de Redondela corresponds to an accessory path to the canal that transported water from the Eiras Reservoir (Concello de Fornelos de Montes) to supply the city of Vigo. The water pipe crosses the municipalities of Fornelos de Montes, Soutomaior, Pazos de Borbén and Redondela before reaching Vigo. In Redondela the section covers a total of 23 km. through the parishes of Chapela, Trasmañó, Cedeira, Negros, Cabeiro, Vilar de Infesta, Saxamonde, Quintela and Reboreda. This route has a great ecological and natural value and its route is shown by countless landscapes: from farmland and populated areas, to forest areas with different composition (pine forests, oak groves, eucalyptus trees and rocky forest associated with streams). As it is a path associated with a long-distance pipeline, it has a characteristic that makes it unique: it has almost no slope, so it can be enjoyed by all kinds of people for walking, cycling, running and also people with reduced mobility. The route is well signposted, with a shaded area, fountains, tables and benches.