What to See

Water walk

The Senda da Auga de Redondela corresponds to an accessory path to the canal that transported water from the Eiras [...]


Pedras Agudas Walk

It is a circular hiking route of 10 km, with an approximate duration of three hours and medium difficulty. Located [...]


Puppet Festival

The Xente Titiriteira Association is the creator and organizer of the event, with the support of various entities, including the [...]


Pazo Torres Agrelo

The Pazo Torres-Agrelo is located in the parish of Reboreda, on the Portuguese Way to Santiago, and dates back [...]


Pazo do Pousadouro

17th century country house that was restored in the 50s inside, without hardly altering its exterior appearance. Laid out [...]


Os Maios Festival

“Os Maios” is a popular celebration that has been held in some areas of Galicia since ancient times. With [...]


Santiago Fountain

In the center of Redondela, close to the Xohana Torres children's park and  Castelao Park, we find the Fonte [...]


Pazo de Reboreda

The Pazo de Reboreda (Reboreda Manor), located in the place of Quintana, is a perfect example of a Galician [...]


Cuttlefish Festival

It is a tradition in Redondela to celebrate the Cuttlefish Festival (Festa do Choco) in the first fortnight of May, a [...]

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