“Os Maios” is a popular celebration that has been held in some areas of Galicia since ancient times. With it we want to commemorate the arrival of spring and the end of the harsh winter, and thus promote the obtaining of good catches. It is part of the so-called “Ciclo do Maio”, a time of exaltation of nature, the flowering of plants and the appearance of the first fruits.

“Os Maios” are wooden structures covered with natural elements such as moss, wild flowers, eggs, sticks or fruit. In the Plaza del Concello you can hear the different couplets that are sung around these structures, infested with ridicule, fine satire and popular wisdom, all of them narrating present or past events.

A contest is also held to award the best figures according to their typology and the compositions of the couplets. These days, Redondela is filled with optimism, irony, fennel and great color and showiness.