Pazo Torres Agrelo

The Pazo Torres-Agrelo is located in the parish of Reboreda, on the Portuguese Way to Santiago, and dates back [...]


Pazo do Pousadouro

17th century country house that was restored in the 50s inside, without hardly altering its exterior appearance. Laid out [...]


Pazo de Reboreda

The Pazo de Reboreda (Reboreda Manor), located in the place of Quintana, is a perfect example of a Galician [...]


Casa da Alfóndega

Located next to the Casa da Torre (current hostel for pilgrims), we find the Casa da Alfóndega. It is [...]


Vilar Milestone

This stone element is a milestone. It was placed at this point around the 2nd century AD. C. as [...]


Lectuary of A Pantalla

This lectuary, located in the Coto neighborhood (parish of Cesantes, Redondela), dates from the end of the 18th century and [...]


Rande Bridge

The Rande Bridge is the most important civil construction in Galicia, which became a symbol of the region and [...]


Petán Manor House

The Petán Manor House (Pazo de Petán), or Santa Teresa Manor House, is a construction dating from the mid-17th century, [...]

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